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Welcome to the United Bikers of Northern California Executive Board page. We are a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Charitable Trust Corporation. Theses are the people who actually run the Corporation. They are a very dedicated group of people and they put a lot of time and money inito making sure we stay on track and keep doing good for our communities. They also consider how best to serve our communities with our donations and good deeds.

The public is more than welcome at any of our events or meetings. To attend Board meetings, please contact a board member and request to sit in. We will make sure it happens. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Cochise Technical Advisor to the Executive Board
Papa Leedy, Chaplain



Heidi Clark, Treasurer


Valerie Mc Farlane, Board Member



UBNC Executive Board
Acting President Kevin Cochise Marshall president@unitedbikers.org  
Acting Vice-President Valerie McFarlane vp@unitedbikers.org  
Secretary Heidi Clark administrator@unitedbikers.org  
Treasurer Heidi Clark treasurer@unitedbikers.org  
Board Member Valerie McFarlane ubncoffice@unitedbikers.org  
Board Member Vince Humboldt@unitedbikers.org  
Technical Advisor to the Executive Board Kevin Cochise Marshall cochise@unitedbikers.org
Technical Advisor for Humboldt County Dirty Dave Davis DDD can no do e-mail  
Political Action Chair James Dylan Dennis pac@unitedbikers.org  
Chaplain Don Leedy chaplain@unitedbikers.org  
Newsletter Editor Jon Atkinson editor@unitedbikers.org  
United Bikers of Northern California
P.O. Box 990412
Redding, CA 96099-0412
For website related queries: Web Master webmaster@unitedbikers.org Cochise


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